Text Box: Community Emergency Preparedness Fair Handouts

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Booth Topic

2014/2015 Handouts

2016 Handouts

90 Day Food Storage (1st Booth)

3 Month Supply in 12 Weeks


90 Day Food Storage (2nd Booth)



Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy


Babysitting Safety Tips

Babysitting Checklist

Babysitting Safety

Emergency Contact Sheet


Bread Making (1st Booth)


Dough Not Be Intimidated

Bread Making (2nd Booth)



Child ID / Fingerprinting Kits



Child Safety



Cooking Without Electricity


Cooking Unplugged

Creating a Family Emergency Plan

Creating a Plan (Parent)

Creating a Plan (Child)

12 Tips to Making a Plan

Emergency Plan Binder

Utility shut off

READY Bingo Packet 1

READY Bingo Packet 2

Points to Consider


Family Preparedness Plan

Family Emergency Information

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Organize a 72 Hour Pack

Suggested Topics for Family Discussion

Desert Safety and Survival



Dutch Oven Cooking



Emergency Auto Care


Emergency Car Care List

Emergency Evacuation Kits [72 Hour Kits] (1st Booth)

72 Hour Kit

First Aid Kit

EP Car Kit


Emergency Evacuation Kits [72 Hour Kits] (2nd Booth)



Emergency Evacuation Kits for Infants/Toddlers
[72 Hour Kits]

ID Cards

Infant 72 Hr Kit Checklist


Emergency Preparedness  FHE Ideas/lessons (1st Booth)



Emergency Preparedness  FHE Ideas/lessons (2nd Booth)



Emergency Preparedness for Children



Emergency Preparedness Themed Gift Ideas (Crafts, Homemade, Purchased, Whatever)

Emergency Preparedness Gift Ideas

5 Gallon Bucket Sink (YouTube Video)


Emergency Shelters



Emotional and Spiritual Prep

Managing Stress


Bio psychosocial-Spiritual Approach to Family Preparedness

The Making of a Marriage: Constructing a Family Constitution


EPPIC Preparedness (see iwillprepare.com)

EPPIC Preparedness Slides


EPPIC Level 01


EPPIC Preparedness Slides


EPPIC Level 01

Finance/Money Management (1st Booth)



Finance/Money Management (2nd Booth)

Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide

Financial First Aid Kit



Fire Starting

5 Ways to Make Fire


First Aid

First Aid Checklist

CPR Classes

Home First Aid Kit

First Aid (Hands-On) Carries, Stretchers, Bandages [ex. Scout Troop can teach and be dummies]



Flour Tortillas

Barbara’s Family Tortillas

Corn Tortillas-masa-harina

Flour Tortillas-lard-or-shortening

Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas-Oil


Flour Tortillas Recipe

Food Dehydrating

Dehydration vs Freeze Dried


Food Storage Containers

72 Hour Kit

Mylar Recipes

Food Storage Recipe Sharing & Tasting (1st Booth)

Sample Food Storage Recipes

Pinto Bean Fudge

Granola Breakfast Cereal Recipe

Food Storage Recipe Sharing & Tasting (2nd Booth)

Food Storage Recipes

Food Storage Recipes


Fuel storage

Fuel Storage

Fuel Storage


Gardening (1st Booth)

Urban Gardening

Gilbert Garden Guide

6 laws and 6 Steps

AZ planting schedule

Building T-Frames

Feeding Trees Shrubs and Vines

Garden Planting Details Schedule

Gardening (2nd Booth)

Square Foot Gardening



Generators 1

Generators 2


Gourmet Meals in a Jar



Home Fire Safety


Fire Prevention

Home Fire Escape Plan


Home Safety and Protecting your Home
(Excluding Home Fires)



How to use a Canner from the Cannery for home Drypack Canning



Identity Theft

Taking Charge

Identity Theft

Avoid Identity Theft

Recovering From Identity Theft


Important Documents (keeping them organized and easy to take with you)

Vital Documents Checklist

Vital Document Binder.

Keeping Physically Fit



Laundry (No Utilities)

Laundry Detergent Recipe


Legal Preparedness (Wills, Trusts, Etc.)

Legal Documents Everyone Should Have


Lighting / Power Outages



Local Canning and Food Storage Resources



Long-Term Food Storage (1st Booth)

Long-Term Food Storage



Long-Term Food Storage (2nd Booth)



Making it Fit: Creative Storage Ideas



Mental Health Preparedness

Mental Health Preparedness


Natural Disasters in AZ.

Natural Disasters in AZ



AZ Preparedness Passport

No-Cost/Low-Cost Preparedness

Low and No Cost Emergency Preparedness


Pandemic Awareness



Pet Preparedness

Pet Preparedness


Preparedness for Elderly and those with Special Needs

Funeral: How to Start

What is Hospice?

Special Needs Preparedness

Preparedness for Seniors 1

Preparedness for Seniors 2


Preparedness for Singles, Apartments, Dorms and Tight Spaces



Pressure Canning

Preserving Food

Pressure Canning Recipes 1

Pressure Canning Recipes 2

Pressure Canning Recipes 3

Pressure Canning Recipes 4

Pressure Canning Recipes 5


Protecting Children Online/Using Cell Phones

Internet and Cellphone Safety


Quilting (Hands-on)



Sanitation & Hygiene in Emergencies



Saving Money by using Coupons

Saving Money With Coupons

Coupons 1

Coupons 2


School Safety





Creating a Shelter-In-Place

Essential Modern Survival Kit

Shelter In Place Supplies Kit

Simple Sewing (Hands-On)

Sewing Mini-Kit

Mini-Book Sewing Kit

Simple Drawstring Sewing Bag


Soap Making


Homemade Laundry Detergent

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking


Solar Power




Sprouting Seeds


Stake Preparedness Plan



Tax Questions

Reverse Mortgages

Educational Tax Benefits

Health Insurance Deduction for the Self-Employed

Officers of S-Corps Wage Compensation

Choice of Business Entity for Tax Purposes

Comparison of Methods

ObamaCare Individual Mandate

Home Office Deduction


Water Storage (1st Booth)

Drinking Water Guidelines


Water Storage (2nd Booth)



Water Treatment (Pasteurization/Filtration/Purification/Distillation)



Waterbath Canning

Canning Pears