Family Home Evening Lessons

Family Home Evening Emergency Preparedness Lessons

Lessons created By Sheryl Behling


Lesson #1                Introducing the Community Emergency Preparation and Response Plan to your family.


Lesson #2                Make a Plan for your family in the event of a fire or emergency situation.


Lesson #3                Organize your family documents, compile vital statistics, fill out important information forms.


Lesson #4                Prepare your family financially for an emergency and how to recover financially from an emergency.


Lesson #5                Prepare for a power blackout, heat wave, and thunderstorm.


Lesson #6                Securing your home.  Prepare/update a 72-hour kit.


Lesson #7                Water Storage


Additional activity ideas and checklists to help prepare your family for emergency situations.


                                 Fire Bingo

                                 Red Cross Emergency Contacts Card

                                 Emergency Documents

                                 Child Identification Packet

                                 Additional Information