A 72-Hour Kit† may be appropriate if you are traveling from your home to friendís or relativeís home that live in a different town, or if you are staying in a shelter. But, what if conditions arise that force you to temporarily head for hills. Roads and neighboring towns may become dangerous or impassable. You may choose to take the road less traveled and fend for yourself in the wild until conditions improve. In some cases a few days will be all you need for order to be restored. Your 72-hour kit may not be designed to help you cope in this type of environment. Consider a Survival Kit or add Survival related items to your 72-Hour Kit, such as: Shelter, Fire-Making, Water Purification, Etc...

Fire Starting Kit

†Survival Kit

Clothing Related



1. Waterproof Bag

2. SAS Survival Guide

3. American Flag

4. Scriptures

5. Aluminum Foil

6. Ziplock Bags



1. Wide-Brimmed Hat

2. Shemagh (Arab Headdress)

3. Bandana

4. Earplugs

5. Sunglasses

6. Socks

7. Mosquito Netting Hood

8. Poncho

9. Balaclava (Hood)

Below are notes and pictures of my Urban/Survival Hybrid Evacuation Kit. In certain situations an emergency evacuation kit (72-hour kit) wonít be enough or the correct supplies for the incident. The same is true for a survival kit. I have combined the two kits into one. Sure it is heavy, but I prefer having all I need for the particular emergency and dropping what I donít believe is necessary along the roadside to lighten my pack.† This would be impossible to do if you didn't bring the right gear in the first place.

This page is a work-in-progress.

Coghlan's Survival Kit Contents:

 Emergency blanket.

 waterproof matches.

 signal whistle.

 2 firesticks.

 12 hr. lightstick.



 salt packet.

Basics Kit

 4 antiseptic pads.

 4-1x3" bandages.

 4-3/8x1-1/2" bandages.

 2x3" elastic patch bandage.

 3x3" sterile pad.

 2-4" adhesive strips.



 signal mirror.

 50' orange trail tape.

 10' snare wire.

 2 razor blades.


 spool of thread.

 2 safety pins.

 12' nylon rope.

 30' fishing line.

 2 fish hooks.

 2 sinkers.

 7"x10" waterproof pouch.

 35' nylon cord.

 reusable 8x12" PVC pouch.

 5 hr. candle.


Added to Kit:


 1 extra 12 hr. lightstick

 pencil with trail tape

 mini Leatherman tool

 magnesium fire starter

 All stored in a hip pack

The Basics kit contains many items that are already in the greater kit as a whole. It is designed to go with you, even if you leave the rest of the kit behind for any reason.

Letís say you setup camp and decide to go gather fire wood or check your snares. This hip pack will travel with you Ö.just in case. It is stored in a small hip pack so it is light and easy to carry.

I used a Coghlanís survival kit and added a few items of my own.

Hygiene Kit


1. Toilet Paper

2. Insect Repellant

3. Hand Sanitizer

4. Wet Wipes (Regular and Large)

5. Toothbrush

6. Tooth Paste

7. Lip Protection

8. Sun Screen


Warmth and Shelter Kit


1. Emergency Blanket x 2

2. Bivey Bag

3. Adventure Medical Kits ThermoLite 2.0 Solo Bivvy Sack

4. Hand Warmers