EPPIC or Emergency Preparedness Priority Indexed Checklist is a comprehensive, step-by step, list of tasks for successful family preparedness.


Preparedness can be over-whelming. It might seem impossible to the beginner to get their arms around it. As the saying goes, “Eating an elephant starts with the first bite” just as any large project will rarely be successfully completed unless you become organized and break it into small manageable tasks...preferably in priority order and then get started on the first one.


EPPIC Preparedness is a plan designed for those that need a little help. It is a checklist of items in priority order of what you need to do to prepare and see results. Just do each item on the checklist. When you are done, you can consider yourself prepared! Don’t worry about getting lost or being confused, because

alongside each checklist item you’ll find a brief explanation filled with time and money saving tips and suggestions. This checklist with the accompanying guide will provide you with the basics needed to understand the concepts and direct you to other sources just in case you want to learn more.


Preparedness is difficult when you have to figure out everything on your own. Make your life easier and ensure your preparedness journey is EPPIC!

EPPIC consists of several priority-based checklists. Each Checklist includes 20 steps. Level 1 begins with several small projects that you can do around the home that cost nothing or are very inexpensive. They are designed to be completed in a short period of time. This way, you can  easily see your successes and feel good about the progress you have made. With several steps completed successfully, you might even be excited about getting started on the next one. Emergency Preparedness is not meant to be a lonely journey but one that you take with your family. Get your family involved, many of the steps are best done with your children. Involving them will help them feel like they are important decision makers in the process (which they are). It also empowers them with a sense of control so when a disaster does take place, they are not afraid, because they know what to do.


There are multiple levels to EPPIC but feel free to stop when you feel you have done all that is right for your family. All steps are optional.


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