Soda Can Alcohol Stove

6. You can use any variety of outer grills to support pots, you can even build one from an old #10 can and some straightened metal tent stakes or use those designed for Sterno stoves.

Supplies Needed:

 2 Soda Cans

 Wooden Block of 2x4 or other sized block for taller or shorter stoves

 Blade from Utility knife

 Large Nail

 Thin Tack Nail

 Short Nail with wide head or Penny


†1. Place the utility knife blade on the block with the tip slightly over one edge. Hold firmly while spinning one can across the tip of the blade 2 full rotations to score the can. Keep the bottom of the can flat against the table while doing this to ensure a straight cut.

Push the can more firmly against the blade until it cuts through the can and rotate the can against the blade again, one more rotation, and this time cutting the can into two pieces. Repeat with the second can.

†.2. Carefully sandwich the soda can bottoms together. Make sure you donít tear the outer can as you do this. Sometimes pinching or snipping a section of the inner can might be necessary

Once together, lightly tap the top of one can with a small hammer so they come together as much as possible. Trim or sand any rough edges that could potentially cut you.

3. Position the stove so the bottom of the outer can is facing up. Using a small hammer and tack nail, make 12-15 small holes around the rim of the can.

4. Using a hammer and large nail, make a hole in the center of the top, this is used for filling the stove with alcohol.

Fill with rubbing or denatured alcohol no more than ĺ full. Place nail or penny on top so fumes exit through the jet holes.

5. Place stove in a tuna can or on another fire safe surface. Pour additional fuel on top and around the stove and quickly light the fuel. The burning fuel will heat the fuel inside the stove and cause it to boil, evaporate, rise through the jets and ignite. The Stove will be self-sustaining until the fuel is entirely consumed. 2 Ounces of alcohol will burn for 13-15 minutes.