Volcano Stove II

Collapsible Body

Collapses to 5˝ for convenient portability and storage.

 Instant Setup

Lifting the handle raises the upper body while the legs swing out and lock in place.  Lifting the lower section of the body collapses the stove for storage.

The Volcano Stove is the most efficient outdoor stove. Its double-wall construction keeps it cool to the touch (even the bottom) and chimney effect channels heat directly to the food instead of the surrounding air. This results in a stove that can cook twice a day for an entire year using only 300 lbs. of charcoal, a feat impossible for most other cookers. (One 25 lb. bag of charcoal can provide 2 meals a day for 10 people during prolonged power outages caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, floods or other emergencies and disasters.) Made from 20 gauge steel with magnesium powder coating to prevent rust, scuffs & scratches, it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Minimal heat loss allows use on table tops (even with a tablecloth), boat decks, and wooden surfaces. Low center of gravity provides outstanding stability against tip-over. Efficiency is maintained by the chimney effect engineering, directing the heat toward the food tower. Accommodates pans, skillets, griddles, woks, grills & best of all Dutch Ovens! Stacking Dutch Ovens allows you to cook for large crowds with minimal fuel usage. Pellets, wood and charcoal are the recommended fuels. A propane adaptor is also available. You get it all with the Volcano!


Source: http://www.volcano2.com/index.php

Volcano Stove