Below is the Pharmacy Fold Method as opposed to the adhesive method. I find the Adhesive Method  ovens can withstand more use than the Pharmacy fold method before falling apart.

An apple box oven will provide you the means of baking when away from home or if your electricity is out. It is no more than a cardboard box lined inside and out with aluminum foil. These ovens are often referred to as “Apple Box” ovens but they could be just as easily made from many other cardboard boxes, such as those used for copy paper. These ovens do not last long. They will wear out quickly with regular use, so the process I used followed makes them a bit more durable to stand-up to more wear and tear. Any process that you can think of to get the foil to cover the box completely is fair game. I will show you the process using adhesive spray. Some Dab Elmer’s glue with a sponge¸ others use masking tape on the inside (Curling the tape over on its self to make it two sided between the foil and the box) and use Shiny metal repair tape on the exterior. Others are able to make it work with no adhesives at all using a drugstore type fold. Some are concerned about the presence of adhesives inside the oven where cooking is taking place. I believe temperatures between 325º and 375º are not hot enough to be a problem.



· 1 Apple Box or Cardboard Box

· Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

· Spray Adhesive or Masking Tape and Shiny Metal Repair Tape or Elmer’s Glue

· Optional: (If you want a window) Reynolds Oven Bag

· Scissors and Utility Knife or Box Cutter

· Something to put the coals on (Cookie Sheet, Pie Pan, Foil)

· 4 Soup Cans or Soda Cans

· Cookie cooling Rack (Smaller than the box)


1. Get a cardboard Apple Box. (I like to use an Apple Box because they are large and I like that one piece fits inside the other so I can make it double insulated. A copy paper box will work as well, if you don’t want the double insulation.

2. Line the Box with Aluminum Foil

          a.           Adhesive Spray Method: Using a can of adhesive spray, spray the exterior and interior of each                             box, and apply aluminum foil until all cardboard surfaces are covered (Inside and Out). Spray one                        panel at a time and cover with foil so the adhesive doesn’t dry before all the foil can be applied.                            The adhesive spray method will produce an oven that will withstand many uses. More so than the                        Tape or Foil Folding Methods.

       b.           Tape Method:

       c.           Foil Folding Method:


More instructions coming soon:

Apple Box Oven