Materials Needed:

· 1 - 8 oz. Soda Can

· 1 - Tuna Can or Similar Size Can

· 70% Rubbing Alcohol

· Lighter or Matches

· Nail with large flat head

· Optional:  Medicine Syringe, 2 oz. Plastic Container


Tools Needed: Hammer, Large Nail, Small tack or finishing nail.


1. Take a full 8 oz. soda can and using a hammer and large nail, drive a hole through the top of the can, avoiding the traditional opening.

2. Empty the soda out of the can through this hole.

3. Using a hammer and small tack or finishing nail, make 12 small holes around the upper side of the can where the can starts to taper towards the lid.

4. Fill the can with 6 oz. of 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. A Medicine Syringe works great for this but is not necessary.

5. Put the nail with the large flat head into the whole on the top of the can, this will prevent the alcohol vapor from escaping through this whole and force it to escape through the 12 ”jets” you made along the rim.

6. Set the soda can inside a tuna or similar sized can. Pour some alcohol on top of the soda can and in the tuna can and light them. (Lighting the alcohol in the tuna can is easier if you drill one large whole in the side). The alcohol in the can will need to start boiling so it will turn to vapor, rise in the can and exit through the jets along the rim. As the jets ignite, the stove will continue to run until all the fuel is consumed. It does take a little effort to get the stove going.

Notes: 6 oz. of rubbing alcohol burned for about one hour and 15 minutes. I was able to bring 2 cups of water (in a small pot with a lid) to boil in 5 minutes. You can blow out or smother the flames when you are done cooking and dump the alcohol back in its bottle after it cools. I built a grill/wind guard out of a #10 can (coffee size) and 4 straightened tent stakes. Alcohol does not produce toxic fumes when it burns, so it is safe to use indoors. However, it does consume available oxygen, so make sure it is used in a large room or well ventilated area.

Alcohol Stove (In a 8oz. Soda Can)